Fun In Hawaii

Well Today was a good day…. minus my being sick in RL, my Sl was just the more fantabulous today. I got to hang out with one of the greatest kids i know.. Avery!

This ‘lil cowboy sure knows how to have fun..  We went all over  and even rode on a flying sea turtle.  Was like a super fun magical adventure YAH!  LOL  (im weird.. yes i already knew that tysvm)!

I had a blast exploring with him… even though he was trying to find me a boyfriend, who already had as he put it a “lady friend” … dude imed me anyway.. hahaha.. not surprised either.. guys can be such dogs!

We also managed to set ourselves on fire by getting way to close to the campfire.. but we ran for the water.. and all was ok again! … and then we did it again… so we can take pics.. how morbid of us.

Avery.. is such a great driver too.. we went around in his wagon … and yeah that’s me covering my eyes… i wasn’t scared, i was just shielding myself from hitting bugs with my face…. I swear O_O.

All in all i had a really good time… and it was a great way to end my weekend…. especially since this has been sort of like a week from hell for me.

Thanks Avery for tolerating this old lady!  LOL!!  I look forward to more fun time with u!!



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