Good Night!


Sooo do i start this Dear Diary… I dunno….

AAAANNNYY WAY,  had such a good night in SL last night!!  Just Hung out with Mary , her two gbabies Liza and Ari…. and the Cowboy… Avery. (pic above)  All we did was sit around on my back porch, but i still had fun doing it. Telling funny rl stories, and laughing and just being a little bit silly.  It kinda renewed my faith a bit in SL,  and reminded me how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people I call Family.

Just want to Thank you Mary and let you know that you are my ROCK.  With out you i dunno.. my sanity (what i have left of it) would be completely out the window.

And thanks to the kiddos for brightening up my mood last night!

Love you guys.


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